Sunday, December 5, 2010


The powerful strains of Cannavis sativa, comparable in strenght to Capsicum chilense, planted in California and Oregon, to name two, that have been developed by horticultural USA entrepeneurs produce a whooping 36 billion bucks or over 3 times the NGP of Haiti in 2009.

The authorities benefit, FBI, Arms and Tobacco, IRS, state/local police and courts with more job openings in their ranks in the futile attempt of stopping the people into real cash crops.

People selling hydroponic, timers, humidifiers, lightning, ventilator, irrigation and fertilizing equipment also benefit from this enterprise.

This is unfortunate for Mexico and Colombia, Afganistan and else. These countries will have to improve the primitive cultivating traditions or the first world will attempt to corner the profits they have controlled until recently.

Copper, uranium, gold, diamonds, oil,
gas, agro industries all  in foreign hands. The global economy is creating havoc everywhere. The 'imperialist devils', (bilingual laugh) have taken all the wealth  home.

Either these countries get on with technology, good quality product at a lesser price, or the conditions of poverty that have kept their wretched of the earth in misery for centuries, will only get worse.

If there is glysophate resistant soy, planted in farms the size of Puerto Rico in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina why not start the same procedures with Erythroxylum coca, Papaver somniferum and Cannavis sativa?

The producers have to STOP the killing among themselves to improve intelligently the conditions of the population.  The first world will not decriminalize the manufacture, packing, distributing, selling and use of these recreational stimulants cash crops. Coke, marihuana and heroin are  the only money making products the third world has still some control over. Legalize it!  After all, the International Monetary Fund and other institutions created to 'help' are not, just making profits.  Legalize it,  and watch happens in those countries with high segments of the population consuming 
ganja, coke and heroin.

I believe that gardeners here and there, depending on nurseries will not follow, but local weeds, grass like or broad leaf ones, could enhance your garden...If you want to place yourself away from the common place average gardeners  following  year after year silly nursery impositions thinking that any originality is possible.

Here they are:
Commelina elegans
Datura stramonium
Jatropha gossypifolia
Merremia quinquefolia
Antigonum leptopus
Trimezia caribea
Urena lobata

I know, the epilogue is abrupt and  a little anticlimatic after the first part, but such is life. If in doubt...research..

apaga i vamonoh.

Remember Floka's Olivieri words:
double intermitent bilingual laugh

apaga i vamonoh


  1. One is tempted to say that the most human plants, after all, are the weeds.
    Have a nice week!

  2. I have to agreem, since they grow in the most incredible, places, cracks, crevices, in concrete/asphalt for example...Offering their will to survive in the most inhospitable environment imaginable.


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