Friday, December 3, 2010


As a tradition of some sorts, every year, I go back and write about whatever I posted and think others may also enjoy, but not necessarily.  I thought of going one way, but soon after went the other.  At any rate here it is.

During May 4, one of my favorites. Universidad Sagrado Corazon, noisy and polluting neighbor from hell.  In any country most big and powerful enterprises for profit do as they like with their surroundings as if they have the right to disturb the peace 24/7 and contaminate your vision, ears, respiratory system.   In this territory, the state of law has collapsed, there is no forum to ventilate, resolve the matter except by bribing someone or blowing up the culprits.  On top of that, this mistakenly named Sacred Heart or Sacre Cour if a polyglot, have NO heart at all, just making a profit. So miserable they are that NOTHING is offered back to the community, not even a free film, outdoors once a month.

One of me isle readers with a so/so blog, commented not liking mine for being too negative... Well screw you.  If you live in the PR,USA boondocks in peace and quiet with the cokis, chickens, rooster and cow, congratulations. If you had to listen to the daily modersucking garbage truck lifting and dropping the dumpster, at 5/6/7 am, 75 meters from your concrete backyard, your simplistic childish ideas would be others.

Not all was negative, bilingual laugh.  Just unavoidable.  On May 16 and 20, Yuca Manihot and Carica Papaya were protagonists.  One passed away and the second gave the first and last crop.

However both are back, thank god. I will have to pay attention to the Yuca, if I want to eat some.  It has to be dug at the right time, or becomes uneatable. No is not the poisonous one indians processed. The Caricas on our backyard are about 3' the ones in the next door about 5'. I will have a taste by August 2011.

Sometime during these months, two varieties of Myosotis were inducted, along with Pedilanthus tuberose more recently.  In my hyper humble opinion these are rare, valuable in any collection.

At least in the concrete/asphalt isle.  Another important matter for this collector was discovering the names of Ipomoea aegyptia, Passiflora pallida l., Passiflora foetida in the New York Botanical Garden site, and Centrosema pubescens in Flores de Puerto Rico the sloppy book by Edwin Miner Sola.

There is more, this may require a part two, but for now let the record show I am exhausted. Until then.

apagad e iros....  


  1. Googled Myosotis... the blue with centre yellow flowers are lovely! Pedilanthus tuberose... what's the specific botanic name?

  2. There is no other botanical name that I know.


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