Monday, December 20, 2010


T he tittle is relevant since it will become a blog on its own in January 2011.

It is a mock-tribute to a group of islanders belonging to the exclusive Minga-Petraca News Blog Guild.  These pundits focus on local/international tv-printed media news.

For an intro that will do...Now the nitty gritty...Lucy Laborde is renovating the second story in her unpkempt residence.  The imported illegal/legal labor force has kept a racket for the last forty five days.

University Sagrado Corazon, the noisy, polluting, over rated institution also hires  illegal/legal laborers from La Espanhola for construction and general maintenance, with typical lack of respect to our right of silence and enjoyment of our properties.

Anita la Huerfanita, in the corner of San Agustin, street is in the same hiring bag. Illegal/legal imported garden butchers of the blower using kind.

Lucy Laborde's two houses down neighbor hired four legal/illegal painters, as well as Tito Collazo, my neighbor across the street.

Recently, some good Samaritan, native,  medicine doctor  donated 13 acres of land for some two hundred  people of which one half are illegal residents removed from some land prone to floods, a favela or chabola if you prefer. 

The government of La Espanhola, should reciprocate, take 200 guys and gals from Haiti and give them some land to build housing with sewage, water and electricity, just as ours, have done, out of their kindness.

Another thing that Spanish/French/Creole island democratic republic, could do is to improve the conditions of the slave sugar cane employees from Haiti, kept in pig sty housing, working over twelve hours, for two dollars a day.  

Where did Homeland Security go? What is the point of this post? This is my reality, I am sick of it.

How can Puerto Rico, with the intense love I feel for it, can get out of this economic chaos, if every jerk hires not for quality but for the cheapest labor available, violating elementary principles of morality.

I could care less about, political prisoners, freedom of press, expression, elections, democracy in countries where people can not read/write, with a dollar fifty a week for food, Iran, Irak, Sri Lanka, let everyjuan deal with their own. Find their solutions.

I believe that focusing on silly 'humanitarian' causes, afraid of ruffling feathers in our pathetic, irresponsible, uncivil reality is looking the other way.
Screw pueltorriquenhospalmundo and their contagious borricua japines.

sin mostaza
a kick in the belly
for islanders and 
adjacent territories. 

do not miss it

apaga i vamonoh. 


  1. Ya, eso no lo veré, pero tenemos lo propio, pues en todos lados se cuecen habas.

    Hasta pronto, un abrazote Antigonum.

  2. Sounds like the same complex issues as in the SW states, caused by making money off the backs of others.

  3. Antigonum cajan, mamon reigns everywhere.My father used to say:" for twenty cents you may carve an "Edelweiss" into their backside! I have no regard whatsoever for our politics. It has always been a dirty business!
    Regardless, I wish you peaceful days, a candle or two, a nice meal with friends and a helps! T.


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