Thursday, December 9, 2010


I had a dream.  Not like the other one, in Memphis,  if you get my drift. Not about intangibles.  The lord sent one of his white winged messengers special delivery to inform this humble servant that It will be me responsibility for the future, (2011), to out, as in outing, gardeners and blogs keeping lawns and palm trees, people practicing golf or participating in benefit tournaments to collect money.

Why? C02.  Organic waste, pollution, fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, noise, spreading of disease at high speed with blowers, pesticides, diesel, gas propane and oil.  I think I covered it all, if anything was left out, let me people correct at will.

The messenger, Saint Gabriel, was brief, a little arrogant, no pity,  as in the film Constantine, but I will not pass judgment since some frail characters down these concrete-asphalted prairies have implied that I, was/am, in a totally unfair manner.

That is not all, Gabriel, the saint, not Peter,  suggested that I request/demand, (it is a matter of register/tone), that all ecologically correct gardeners with blogs sign a declaration,( particularly those from Puerto Rico, USA), with the compromise to return all lawnmowers/blowers/trimmers to be burned in a great pyre. This will take place next year to coincide with that Catholic celebration from/in Spain where everyjuan burns whatever is handy in February if not mistaken.

To sweeten the pill, I will start to post some information about gardening aesthetics or aesthetics of the garden if you prefer. What the hell is that? Do you practice it? 

In Puerto Rico, no one, not even people with college degrees, as in agronomists/landscape architects or the jerks installing/maintaining landscapes seem able to grasp it.

I warn, or caveat emptor, some fellow gardeners, this is not necessarily their fault. The feeble minded have no introspection.  When people depend on other people, this is the result.
Gardening practitioners without notions of plant propagation have only one way to get plants: in  nurseries.

But we have an issue, a little, more complicated, without any possible escape.  Not having a wide variety of plants, is not an excuse to place/plant them as in a vegetable garden, banana plantation, in the urban, rural, highway median, city parks.

One more thing, to the people in India. I just saw a documentary about FORD, yep, the car manufacturer trying to grasp a higher percentage of buyers in that peninsula.

I am still trying to recover. In the local road in Mahatmas land, a 'road' as well built as those in Puerto Rico, there were rikshas, cows, dogs, motorcycles, buses, people, carts pulled with donkeys and so forth. What the hell do this people want cars without roads?

Have they watch those documentaries about traffic jams in California, New York, Madrid? What is the point about hybrid cars? To spend more time in longer traffic jams with electricity?

What about the 100 kilometer traffic jam in China,( with 20 percent of the earth population and 7 percent of the land), lasting for ONE week?

I am sorry for them. What they need is sewage and efficient massive, public transportation. I am very afraid the USA economic highway model is not going to to work...Too many people, too many virtual cars, too little space...and no way to built 'enough' highways 24/7 for the rest of life.

time to depart...Apagad e idos....

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