Thursday, December 2, 2010


L iving surrounded by concrete/asphalt offers advantages that most people are not aware and will never cross their minds unless living in the urban context.

I never thought about it until now.  This  morning, while I was spraying rain water in the north garden, Giovanni, a neighbor, asked if what I was using was good for termites.  I suggested one insecticide that one connects to the water hose, effective with other pests.
But I made clear that underground termites will require an exterminator.

He asked If I knew that they were moving further north, closer to the Atlantic.  I knew, and inquired why they
decided to buy elsewhere and not the big comfortable house they are renting close by.

In a straightforward manner pointed to their front yard, visible from our house indicating the rather big Tabebuia in his,  Bouganvillea, Tecoma stans next door. In his front yard there are also hedges of Allamandas, Ixoras, Hibiscus and a stupid looking Areca by a wall. On top, weeds like grass requiring using a trimmer.

When he told me that his long hours at his job does not allow him time or energy for these shores, I had to ponder, what would I or some else might do in a similar situation.

I would get rid of the whole and start from scratch.  The Tabebuia will have to go, it dwarfs the residence. The grass substituted for any suitable ground cover, concrete pavers/slate or gravel.

That would leave the small tree and climber next door.  I do not see any solution, since pruning your side is still a pain in the ass.   I have presented some solutions already, but I know what I am writing about.

Most people will do what I think is going to happen and has become the rule.  All  the space will become concrete, with a little token of green here or there. 

Moral of the story.  When planting in a foolish way, done here and there, the possibilities are narrow.  In Puerto Rico, the majority of deaths, butchering of trees and everything else is a result of not judging what would the size in the long run of the chosen vegetation will be.

That is that, apagad e iros.

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  1. Observación y mas observación para saber que tanto crecen, y si tenemos suficiente espacio para ellas, pues resulta que de repente estamos enredados , y en vez de ser algo útil nos estorban. Tiene usted toda la razón.

    Hasta la próxima, un abrazote.


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