Friday, December 10, 2010


I do not plant tomatoes, nor do I feel necessary that in every continent, snow or desert or cool/hot latitudes, every juan believe it is cool
to place one, red, green or yellow on the blog as if there were no tomatoes in other geographic points.  I am sick of tomatoes, trellises, seeds, strings, compost, high/low beds and varieties. 

As self anointed Royal Minister or Inquiry, I beg/demand for a moratorium on tomatoes and sunflower/photos or posts, enough is enough. Try to remember that in 2011. Potatoes are accepted. Could/would you?

I planned to tittle this post: The Year of the Insects, or Insects in 2010 at Home and/or The Year in Review ll, but you noticed what happened...

At any rate the show must continue.

Probably in May I was attacked not by killer tomatoes, but by: Necatur americanus or Ancylostoma brazilensis, 
the culprits, causing Cutaneous larva migrans.  Believe me. It is a pain in the ass skin disease, caught while digging bare handed to collect some stupid fern like asparagus, Asparagus plumosus, in a spot where stray cats go to the water closet.  The plant passed away, soon after wards.  But I had to visit the dermatologist, unable to sleep, since the mother sucking insect traveled to place the eggs under my epidermis leaving the lemon in the eye burning sensation.  It was treated with ALBENZA, a product used for many infectious diseases.

I am much wiser, less humble and use gloves when digging, even in my pots when recycling the soil with my trademark, home made compost.

Which reminds me, I am caught in some difficult to define relation/interest of the literary kind, with some tones of gardening.

The author, keeps also a winner blog in an obscure, distant, finicky 'blotanists' site, pretty concerned over form rather than substance. Recently, our upper north east islander heroine posted about some bearded 'fig' or barbudo, informing her fans ALL and more than was necessary about this 'banyan' tree without using the word FICUS, once.  A fig tree, Ficus carica, like an olive, Olea europaea or  grape,Vitis vinifera got fruit, believe me.  If I am mistaken, the complaint department will be opened, 9 to 5.

Finally, back in our studio, other insects made their debut in our world known blog/garden during 2010.

The strangest insect with a hammer shark head was recently noticed in a north garden wall. It scared the hell out yours truly after my affair with the cutaenous larva. It was reported in caribbean botanical review, another blog. From your favorite blogger? 

Bipalium kewense is the name. They eat slugs, earthworms and got here from faraway Asia in soil/pots from nurseries?  Check the botanical it is a rare insect, of the invasive, global kind as everything in the world is becoming, global.

A dragonfly, not ever mentioned was hanging on a wire in the north garden, appreciating the quality installation. What the hell was he/she doing besides that, without any water around?  God knows.

Final Humorous  Words
from your Host,  the Minister.
Visit the blog mentioned if you are not into fashion. There are not many proud gardeners in fashion or vice versa.
She will probably be invited to the Kate and William wedding...for tea and cookies. 

If I am becoming too frivolous, and you prefer the acerbic/abrasive register,
let me know. 

apaga i vete. 

2 hours after this post saw the light, while 
sweeping under the Capsicum florescens i noticed black pellets on the concrete.  I move me eyes up and noticed the branches bare.  Looking more carefully I find 4 green looper caterpillars chewing the leaves on the only 2 plants I have been able to propagate in a satisfactory manner. I guess it is Murphys law or Irish luck. I cut the branches off and placed the culprits in a transparent jar to watch juat japens. Until then.


  1. Hello Antigonum!

    I am not going to talk about tomatoes. As you told me, you are interested in Cesar Manrique. The question is that I live in Valencia and I have never been in Lanzarote. Some times I visit Tenerife (Canary Islands). If I visit Lanzarote of course I will write something about Cesar Manrique and his architecture in the island.

    Thanks for visiting my Blog.

  2. The truth is that I am more interested in his landscape installations, his architecture is also impressive, but that is available in the www.

    Thanks for the visit. Your blog is not the common place so abundant...Congratulations...


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