Sunday, December 19, 2010


R engui dropped by yesterday.  She belongs to a generation 15 years older than my own.  I have some affection for her and enjoy her conversations, but let the record show, she could talk your ears off with stories and anecdotes with beginning but no clear end.

She is my in-law,  from Morovis City, some neck in the woods town in the concrete isle north west.  After the usual salutation, she went to chat with me darling for hours, until the afternoon got cooler and we went to monitor the north garden together.

After a few minutes, she got close enough to recognize the yellowish miniature fruit of one of my rare vines.  She grabbed one by a strange impulse, taking it to her mouth, sucking its contents, a jovial intense expression of pleasure on her face. 

Pasiones, she exclaimed, picking some more. That is the name.  I never heard,   it since I collected the seeds from a street corner in Santurce, eighteen months ago.

After my happiness to  find someone knowing the common name of a plant I had to find out in a web site, I asked the pertinent questions.

Ipomoea foetida or Pasiones, is a plant she had not seen since her childhood, over six decades ago.  Moments afterwards, another surprise...She noticed the Coral vine, Antigonon leptopus, with a similar anecdote, but this vine grew wild in her grandfather property. 

The coincidence is a little bit odd since the leptopus is also one of the first plants in my dusty memories of elementary school days.

In brief, the garden is different things for different people of different origins, ages, and backgrounds..Memories are among them....

That is that... apaga i vamonoh.



  1. Bonita experiencia, me recuerda tantas personas de la niñez, diciendo nombres de plantas totalmente desconocidas por mi. Desgraciadamente en ese tiempo no había despertado mucho aún mi amor por ellas y le daba poca importancia, tenia otros intereses. Ahora te leo.

    Hasta pronto, un fuerte abrazo.

  2. Imagino la satisfaccion sentida al poder compartir con alguien que disfruta de tu misma "pasion", ojala se repitan mas momentos similares. Aprovecho para desearle pase una muy Feliz Navidad (imaginese a su paisano Feliciano) junto a su querida familia, y mis mejores deseos para esta y siempre.


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