Wednesday, December 15, 2010


 THE  epiphany arrived like a feather not a brick, hitting me while waiting for a traffic light at a the corner of  Baldorioty de Castro Avenue and Del Parque street.

Thousands of cars moving east and west as if going to Perth from Canberra, forgetting the concrete asphalt platform isle is one hundred miles long.

People love automobiles to the extent junkies love their fix. During those brief moments with the zooming, flickering,  I thought those vehicles moving fast, stuck in traffic jams, are waves with high and low tides, regulated not by the moon, but their stupidity, following the herd: job, house, mortgage, children and lawn, during rush hour.  Let the record show that rush hour is becoming a 24 hours daily torture. Here, there and everywhere. Let Chinese/Indians beware what is in storage for them.

I was returning from Doctor's Hospital, which is not the same as the homeless corner, in Santurce, stop 20. This facility in terms of quality of service from the parking lot attendant all the way up to nurses/doctor and in betweenies, is excellent, as good as the Menonite in Cayey City.

However, there is no paradise on earth.
Out of 3 elevators 2 out of order. Slow as a mother sucker for tens/hundreds of people in a HOSPITAL, patients/visitors/employees.  I had to climb up/down five stories at least 14 times in less than 24 hours, waiting for the elevator once, during 15 minutes.

There is a waiting room with a television on a local channel in the sixth floor, serving also as a medical waste storage room, believe it or not.  While my feeble minded compatriots chit chatted endlessly, I counted the garbage guy trips, four an hour, two plastic bags at a time. Entering the waiting room, opening the storage room door, depositing, and exiting.

But for some difficult to explain reason the grossest, really ultimate manifestation of administration mental retardation is the decontamination of portable ambulance/hospital beds in a
pedestrian outdoor hall way leading to the cafeteria and hospital employees parking.

You walk on the puddles slippery painted gray concrete surface with the naked portable bed right there in front of your eyes to watch and imagine who was there previously. Why one has to witness such gross activity before going to ingest some food.  Perhaps the administrators and hospital staff believe, it is just like washing your car in the driveway?

Memorable Moments could pass away there for dramatic climax but I was pondering that this blog sometimes has only one memorable thing, the tittle and and nothing else.

Films, music, literature, art, television, gastronomy, everything that is worthy for some reason or other have been used and will...

This reminds me that in Puerto Rico there is a fake humanitarian campaign to help the 150,000 abandoned stray dogs.

I witnessed once, someone dropping a cat in a paper bag in the middle lane of a four, highway. Or some fellow dropping tens of kidnapped dogs/cats from a bridge, not necessarily with water running under.

It is a fake. My neighbors Leo Pillsbury and Elaine Pillsbury, have Chito and Justicia the cat as pets.  Both are retarded, the bipeds, the dog receives no attention, living among the turds, the piss, and I suffer the smell.  The cat a part time stray. In essence, there is as much cruelty among the stray as there is among the 'housed'.

For a misanthropist here comes the oxymoron, as some fools enjoy using that stupid word, hundreds of junkies, mentally retarded, homeless, mentally disturbed people hang out in streets, sidewalk, gutters begging for money.

I prefer dogs and animals to people, I have been very firm on that.  But philanthropists should be MORE sophisticated. A campaign for DOGS and PEOPLE simultaneously, would have shown some civility beyond the common place.

Apaga i vamonoh....



  1. You are an odd and angry man. I am fairly certain there is an herb that may help calm you down some.

    Be Well


  2. I strongly recommend that any visitor dropping by, check the comment on top and visit the blog..

    Watch carefully the header picture in it and imagine the C02, water waste with irrigation, pollution
    with herbicides, fertilizer,insecticide
    ,fungicides, gas/oil,propane, diesel or diesel in the lawn that seems of his liking.

    Is that what makes me odd and angry...sophistication and environmental awareness?

    Thanks for the visit, and hit the push mower!


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