Sunday, December 26, 2010


W\atching for the hundredth time Charlton Heston, fast and furious, in two wheels with four white horses, it hit me like coconut on me head in Luquillo, fecal waters beach.

All the historical manure about religion. All claiming to be the true,  based in 3 different books, one book per group,  in that region with lots of sand.  Oh, yes, if we move virtually to east or west, aboriginals have their own "truth" and other religions cooler in me view.

That BOOK, or the 3 of them, in populations without any schooling, ruling their lives.  Telling them what to eat, how to wash, how to dress, how to kill animals and cook them.

I landed mentally on the BALKANS. Reviewed the first, second, and most recent (1990) wars. You check the details if interested.  Right now, it should suffice that apparently these wars are mostly based on Islam, Catholics and Greek Orthodox followers dislike of each other.

So absurd is the animosity between these barbarians, that one ethnic group speaking the same exact language has two alphabets, the one we use and the other with upside down, sideways and backward letters. 

Their hatred is boiling down slowly, centuries of it, among neighbors like a volcano cooking the magma.  Thanks to a book, a religion, a faith.

That is the war to come, meanwhile Afghanistan, Pakistan, Irak do their thing.  I wonder how does the used weapons market operates. Run by your favorite democracy. Do they have show rooms? Do they make five thousand bucks in profits by vehicle like Ford with their 12 miles a gallon F150?

Back to the studio...The holiday went smoothly, except for a Jakarta like traffic jam at the mall in Trujillo Alto.
It was a day light nightmare. Twenty minutes of it. 300 vehicles trying to exit and enter the premises at once in both directions with room for 200.

During the family gathering, the earth shaked, rattled and roll.  Every juan left the premises some what frightened.  All except moi, since I witnessed the events saw the events of 9-11 in NY City, and I am cured. 

Why the Balkans?  Well, it seems that these peoples were the first to experience agriculture in the Neolithic.
Good enough for your humble servant.

The 1990 Balkan War started thanks to Serbia, demanding and violating the relationship among equals to get a proportion like treatment...I know what came later...and suspect what will.

That is that....


  1. I think it is not the 3 religions' books at the root of such conflicts, but the individuals - many ignorant or sociopathic - who misunderstand those books and choose to misundertand others who are not like them.

    When they are enforced by a powerful mass media and politicians, it is quite a force.

  2. True. However, 3,4, centuries of the same thing go a little deeper and beyond sociopaths..Is a desire to impose upon others my/your belief.

    The state/church/faith as an ENEMY of the individuals.


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