Sunday, December 12, 2010


As the  year comes to an end Gabriel, not Peter, the other one continue in my thoughts.  What did yours truly accomplished to deserve such visit?

Denouncing with names, dates, facts, (photos at home) the destruction of the environment in Parque Donha Ines and accomplice and administrator of the bounty, Luis Munhoz Marin Foundation?

Or the sterility demonstrated by those landscape architects in every possible imaginable space, particularly their headquarters in which they planted palm trees 4 feet from the walls? Or using a shining, soft slate pavement, slippery as hell,
for a house with  rough walls?

Or the feeble minded environmental groups and institutions such as: Arboles de Puerto Rico, Salvadores de Dunas de Isabela,  007 Recursos Naturales, Fideicomiso, Sierra Club, and the worst; Parques Nacionales. 

And the tittle? Minga i Petraca were transvestites color commenting on television news from a couple of local tv guides, Natural Enquirer kind of magazines.

They were funny.   The point is that our culture, this culture is in coma, the high/low,  but no one seems to be aware of it.  

For decades,  some easy going mediocre comedians, standing or sitting, used to read verbatim from local newspapers stupid, irrelevant 'news' twisting them to get the easy simpleton jokes dominating down this here concrete/asphalt isle.

This mentally retarded style of television,(there is more than one show) consisting on every imaginable fool or tv personality, reading from any newspaper on the air, what a feeble minded reporter with a cretin syndrome editor, as if the population was blind or could only read Braille.

Blogs are not immune to this disease.  This school of maybe, thirty blogs, (I have checked them out) buy the papers, watch local news and THEN, make beating the dead horse on the head lame comments, believing at heart they are witty, original, patriots of the third kind.

I am sick of it...But let the record show, maybe is not them, its me.  The problem is deeper. There is  a 'humor' newspaper like blog, stiff as an iron bar, calling itself that, a humorous newspaper. I will call it "La Malanga", I read and read, but can not find the humor since everyjuan else has written, spoken, commented on the dull, worn out subjects chosen to make the people passing away of nothing, l a u g h.

By the way, Minga i Petraca is available on youtube. It is a real pity that so many islanders and continental people believe any change can be made/take place doing the same drop on the stone actions.  

There is no evil lasting ten decades, 
or a body that could resist it, as the saying goes...

Now is time to go after this light comment...Lets hope some real humor invade the dark Minga i Petraca School of Blogs News Comments.

If I can laugh seriously at me self, with great difficulty,
the isle Mingas i Petracas should attempt it also, without scratching each other backs for support and laughing along in each others comments section. Buahahajaja, bilingual laugh...

Time to go. Dario apagueis la luz...

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