Tuesday, December 28, 2010


S ome have a poor insight of their own language, vocabulary and meaning.  One obscure character writes somewhere else that I complaint. Sierra Club's Paul Bayman, Enid and others, fools and company, have also stated the same idiocy, forgetting the clear difference between criticism and complaint. If you have doubts check a paper dictionary or use the web.  


from arcimboldo up

My first guerrilla exercise took place here.
Tamarindus indica, looking like a y, with an Albizia, in the middle. It was planted at 5', receiving a machete cut leaving it in half, moons ago. The trunk now, is about 8" in diameter.  God willing it will reach a monumental size, but I doubt it.  It is the only survivor out of 3 planted around the same time. The others die from wet feet.

The following picture, shitty If  I may, as the majority, a lonely Cosmos from the same era, spread by seed.  However, among the weeds there are ten or twelve young ones that will carry on, self seeding as they should.

These weeds provide food to many small birds and housing material.  The concrete structure in the back, is part of the train depot. 

Moving up, a Pithelobium dulce, my favorite big tree for coastal zones. These species has appeared before in my other blogs. The one shown here is pretty young.

This space is the former San Carlos Hospital, no I did not plant this one, but looks cool, self seeding as they do, and here surrounded by garbage as many abandoned places here and there do.

The first picture on top is a friendly abandoned cat, (along 150,000 dogs), that comes between me legs every time i go to pick Cosmos seeds in the debris bed where they are coming along swell and honky dory. 

Three vines, Merremia quinquefolia, Clitoria ternatea and Canavalia maritima, from seeds, are spreading all over the concrete as if it was soil. 

Finally, I wish the best to those who drop by, foes and fans. But I strongly suggest that before expressing any displeasure at my register, tone, opinions, show some guts, do it here, then go there...as I do most of the time.

a  film, literature critic, criticize they do
not complaint.

Besitos i abrazos...apaga i vamonoh



  1. Just the kind of environment I select tough plant species for my designs from!

    And very true - criticism is far different than complaint. In college, we had critique sessions with our professor and other university staff. They helped us improve our work.

  2. I declare that you have a wise view on these issues.

    Some of the vines I have planted in the San Carlos abandoned hospital, are thriving in a l o n g rectangle of soil, measuring perhaps 100' long by 12' wide, with a wall behind.

    In the space by the Tamarindus indica, the soil is concrete, rocks, soil,
    debris from construction sites. It is hard and with little/slow drainage.

    The plants, however, in both contexts deal with their situation
    doing what they do best.

  3. Antigonum, critic is good, complaints generally fall on deaf ears, especially if there is no brain between them.Plants in Nature are always the strongest, they grow and capture back whatever possible. One would think the beautiful, delicate Cosmos will not survive in a "rude" environment, but it does and flourishes and seeds and it is a shining light n all this concrete and rubbish. The lovely tortoise cat has a very big question showing in its eyes.


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