Saturday, December 11, 2010


SOME fans/foes may guess what I will write about, sorry you are mistaken. The tittle does not refer to any of these: endemismotrasnochado, upinthebreadfruittree or anglospano review, all previous no longer accessible blogs from yours truly, the second best blog in Puerto Rico, USA and adyacent anglo/galic isles.

I discovered I was not the best, while searching under 'the best blog in Puerto Rico'.

That tittle was until 12 November 2010  property of Gil the Jenious aka Gil C.

This blogger islander with a foreign  name wrote over 1,000 posts about our isle dominated by stupidity politics/economics/social/cultural scene and that of USA.  His sarcasm, ability, originality to insult and describe the reality he was interested in portraying had no equal.

I am a little sad he has decided not to continue,  since there are a great need of  blogs with criterion, criticism, guts and credentials. Now, I am all by me self.

But I do feel, understand and share why.  Preaching in the ocean polluted with plastics, fecal waters or the desert 24/7 is cumbersome, a sterile, futile battle.

Idiots are in charge. Sheep follow by instinct the shepherd. Unable to question, inquire.  That is what we have in Puerto Rico, USA. 

During the years, once in a while I would drop by his neck of the woods to enjoy his mastering of the English, very far in quality, beyond style, but in substance, something that I think is pertinent.

As long as I am around he will be the best blog in Puerto Rico, retired or not.  I do not mind being the second, with such example for such a long time.

From now on there are only mockable blogs to visit: Sin mostaza, 5to Poder, Prometeo or the Minga i Petraca blogging school of Puerto Rico soberanists analytical club, using local newspapers as reference. 

Apagas e iros, majos i majas..

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