Monday, November 1, 2010


AFTER  noticing quite a few header pictures of Echinaceas and Sunflowers, 
or bees, butterflies, dragonflies in great amounts, I fell inspired by this trend,  to write a few words on the subject. 

Wind pollination is Anemofilia.  Flowers into this bag, have not too attractive female flowers.  Olives and grapes, among other species, belong to this group of plants.

Entomofilia is carried on by insects, butterflies, bees and coleopteros. Those flowers pollinated have bright colors, fragrance and nectar to attract them insects; besides the polen adhering to their bodies.

In general, this type of pollination is the most common.  Apples, almonds, cherries and aromatic plants are in this group.

Pollination carried by birds is Ornitofilia, this type occurs mostly in America.

Another type Quiroptefolia is performed by bats.  Finally, pollination by water, 
Hidrofilia, is not frequent and takes place fundamentally in aquatic plants.


Perhaps I should share with the reader, my dislike for bromeliads.  Many have leaves with serrated edges. They cut your skin if you are careless while doing cleaning in the garden.
The worse thing any gardener can do is to plant them under trees with plenty of seeds and or flowers. Mango and Bouganvillea too name two. What you get after a while is sort of a trap in the leaves or organic refuse.

These plants look stupid on the ground, maybe, if you are the corny kind, nail it to your tree of choice with wires.


Phototropism is what your plants show when bending towards the light.  It is more noticeable in indoor plants, but it 
happens with anything.  

Allelopathy is a biochemical behavior that plants, algae, trees, bacteria, coral and fungi display to stop other species to grow close by their territory.  Is a beautiful way to keep others away.

If you find something wrong with some of the the terms language wise, see it as
research exercise.

One can be an excellent gardener without having heard/read anything of the above, but it wont hurt either.

Apaga i vamonoh.

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