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H ere for your enjoyment, a very short piece, from that Norman Rockwell like piece of Americana, Time Magazine from October 2010.  With my editorial comments that probably will touch you
no matter how far, after wards.

Stepeh Colbert
The Comedy Central satirist,
speaking before Congress
about the latest immigration reform
 Americans' farms are presently too dependant on immigrant labor 
to pick our fruits and vegetables...This is America.  I don't want a tomato picked by a Mexican.  I want it picked by an American, then sliced by a Venezuelan in a spa where a Chilean gives me a Brazilian". --9/21/10 

Only in USA

I do not know where you are, but I wonder if a comedian or satirist or whatever character making millions on television will have such opportunity. To speak in Congress and be taken seriously.

At any rate. The problem with hordes of migrants, in every land attached continent and isle one, archipelagos included, like us, is the urge from merchants to exploit, a blind need for cheap labor.

That is why I can not understand so much crap about any type of tourism, the beautiful, quiet,  clean sands of ----- ---, fill the blanks. Tourism, construction and agriculture have become the best way to exploit others anywhere by people also in money laundering, tax evasion and always requesting when legally operating, tax breaks.  

In Spain where agriculture is so sophisticated that some kind of peppers, artichockes, asparagus, have strict controls of denomination of origin, like wine in France, for example, are bought cheap to the farmers, but sold for ten times more  in the store.

Then you find cheaper similar  products 'the same' or just as 'good' for one third, of  the superior quality national product.  In the EU, the problem is similar, but also different than USA.

In Europe many of the exploited are citizens from other countries in the community or illegal migrants from the south and east.

In USA, well we know. The problem is simple. People without jobs or making two bucks a day in their original countries looking f0r the 'better future'. 

It is ironic that someone could find the price of produce expensive, whine and complaint and pay two hundred bucks for a play station.

It seems that exploiting others is morally irrelevant.  The Sugar Cane industry is an example, in Guatemala or Haiti, one dollar a day for twelve hours of work under that damn heat, insects, no toilets, nothing, just like slaves. But I never read/hear or see the native isle humanitarians blabbing about Irak, Korea or Pakistan, say a fucking word about this nearby exploited neighbors. Oh, the freedom of expression, that is a big deal here along these freaks, or human rights in Cuba...or else.

I believe that protectionism in agriculture is relevant, screw globalism and those always looking for the cheapest. Protect your agriculture, no one else will.  Who cares?

Why shall people in Spain eat bananas from Ecuador, when they have them in the Canary Islands?

Is either that or going the easy way, always searching for the cheap and the cheapest. Even in China, some industries are moving to Vietnam for the cheapest way to get something.

Who taught us the way? USA, USA, that is why there is not much there.

During the sixties when the Americans started dismantling their factories, moving to Puerto Rico for cheap labor the snow ball started to roll, reaching China.

As long as people continue procreating cheap labor will be abundant, in their own countries or that of the migrants in search of a 'better future'.

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That is that.

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  1. Estamos bombardeados por la gente avariciosa que solo ve sus propios intereses y les importa un bledo si una persona se pasa todo el día a pleno sol mientras ellos en su aire acondicionado pensando a quien pueden fregar.
    Por que no consumir lo que tenemos serca?, es mas barato y ayudamos a nuestra economía.

    Me gusta leerte, hasta pronto.


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