Monday, November 15, 2010


Y ours truly thought about it in the beginning, for four months, until some Amilcar, from Savarona, me original neighborhood, left some solid, to the point comments in 1997, about Santurce, the island.

After that,  most of the keyboard practicing I do with them blogs,  has been swell or honky dory, adjectives that have fall in disuse for quite some time.

As an outsider, my popularity down here is very difficult to define, but if you visit 
endemismotrasnochado.blogspot. you will notice that happy visitors from 105 countries continue to drop by in that blog I can not access anymore.

Which brings moi to one of my favorite rants: automobiles.  One of the most beautiful bridges of  the times, the George Washington, connecting New York with New Jersey,  in the upper west side in Manhattan, shows a traffic jam from beginning to end 60/70 years ago in one of the black and white photos in the art deco bus terminal walls.

Watching some documentary about the nightmares caused by automobiles, motorcycles and trucks in Spain during the same period, traffic jams, no place to park in cities, accidents, pollution, noise,
and stress are mentioned as a result.

Following the USA economic model of 
mortgage, house, car and children made people forget that one can build roads and highways left and right, however the amount of vehicles will always overcome the proportion of available space to park and drive,  no matter how fast you built, destroy the environment, along with  FLORA AND FAUNA.

Why do people need a new model of their favorite brand of car/truck whatever, every year?  In Cuba, probably 75 percent of the private cars are ,5,6,7 decades old.  No waste, no junk yards since parts are always been recycled or built.  And lots of space to park and drive.

China and India went the monkey see monkey do, ways. Too late now to stop those far away lands, with cultures of thousands of years, people who should have known better.

Because highways, roads, streets, bridges need constant maintenance,  like a garden, with dramatic differences.

In Puerro Rico and USA, most pavements went without any kind of serious repair, except the patch and pray fashion.  You pray that no accident takes place, but corrosion, cracks, never rest.

Repairs? Not now, later, thanks and pardon the inconvenience.

This proves that knowing history, learning history to avoid the mistakes of them fools in the past is a bunch of crap.

Here is no different. Those superior beings, self anointed protectors of our language, history, tradition and customs are exactly the same idiots in every culture, country I can think of.

I am still waiting to read somewhere that  some environmental organization (Sierra Club fools come to mind), group or individual demand some accountability to housing and highway developers. They have been a plague,  the worst enemies of any chances of survival for FLORA/FAUNA, our own,  clean water and air.

I am afraid its has been written before, nobody pays attention, it has to be repeated.  The worst thing, not out of the question, is that we end just like the film proposal in 'Soylent Green' with Charlton Heston.  

Apaga i vamonoh.


  1. Buen comentario, aunque pocos sean los que pongan atencion, estamos en una vorágine de consumo de la cual pocos son los privilegiados para reaccionar totalmente a esto. Y muchas veces por más esfuerzo que hagamos para dejar de ser consumistas, sin darnos cuenta tarde que temprano caemos en sus redes.

    Hasta pronto, un abrazo.

  2. In Swiss German I would say:" das isch nit dr huufa"! This is not translatable, but it means it would not be much fun. I just put my two cents in here. Enjoy! T.

  3. 'Lost in Translation', says I is a good film, strange, different.


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