Thursday, November 25, 2010


T here are not many blogs on the subject.  Check if the subject suits your needs.  In Puerto Rico, USA, garden butchers with trimmers, chainsaws or machetes might appear like Jari Potes', dementors,  destroying all vegetation getting on their guai, since the imbeciles can not tell a weed from others
now in third...

Antigonum, not necessarily the first, but certainly a pioneer, planted a Tamarindus indica, Merremia quinquefolia, Canavalia Maritima, by
the Sagrado Corazon train station.
In the abandoned San Carlos Hospital,
the first two, above, plus Pandanus, 
Agave Americana and  Cosmos sulphureous.

In the abandoned house next door:

Bauhinia, Thevetia peruviana, Agave americana, Cosmos, Hipomoea guamoclit/aegyptia, Diffenbachia, Philondendron, Carica papaya, Jathropha gossypifolia, Alocasia and Costus.
This house has been mentioned previously since I used to weed and trim the jungle it becomes.  It is remarkable for the old Vitis vinifera.  I had one of those firsts in life, after tasting some isle grapes about a year ago.

Unfortunately, twice in a row, butchers dementors appeared out of nowhere machetes in hand, dismembering the vine with the early grapes, leaving the ground bare.
back to the studio

I know...Sorry, the tips.  Try seeds of any kind, I do not use seed bombs as they do in template geographies. Just throw them. From my experience 2 out of 10, perhaps better if rainy season, will

Off roots stems and any adequate plants by division. Try to hide what you plant if
in the above mode. Cross your fingers.
The dementors come when least expected.  No matter if dementors do their thing, keep trucking.

I remind you our soil in Santurce, not in Barcelona, but Puerto Rico, is pure sand with very little clay. This facilitates any guerrilla planting since no tools are required.

I certify for the record,  that all named vegetation, is alive and kicking.  Any plant similar to Diffenbachia will grow out of a piece thrown in the distance as long as some shade and humidity is available.

In brief, down here many kinds of plants will grow, without digging a hole, just laying will allow them to develop roots, similar to air layering.

That is that.  Apadad e iros...

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