Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I was pondering if I should be more specific. It does not matter if the people/populace get the wrong perception. My over one hundred installation should get an appropriate mean, blunt name:
antigonum cajan's 
first urban residential
NATURE SANCTUARY of the  SPANISH SPEAKING CARIBBEAN and adjacent miscellaneous  isles

 Looks cool!  At any rate, one of the greatest pleasures (not at your nursery) of your humble favorite plant collector is to find a DK plant in the garden, or the name of a DK whatever in a reference book, Borders, a blog, or searching in the wild web. 

A new vine, be careful, it will strangle any living bush/tree.  I had to get rid of it in 2 different places. One was under the Bouganvillea in the west side.  It was a 1/8 of an inch inside the bark!

Now, Centrosoma pubescens grows along the various known vines in the north side fence, happy and unable to harm anyjuan except the metal bars.  The lesson?  If you  plant collected seeds in the wild, only when the flowers show, one may investigate the botanical name.

It has rained for the last two days. Vines take advantage of this condition to shed lots of dry leaves, that has to sweep to   to avoid slippery accidents. They end with the rest of  the compost in progress.

Many pigeons, two or three species,  visit daily our bird feeders. Certainly gluttons, messy and noisy. Diva the companion animal detest and scare them whenever in the mood.

On the other hand, Spindalis and other birds in that category,  rarely fight or make a mess as the above mentioned.

In the humming bird department, either the same one comes four times, in the morning/afternoon (they all look alike) or four different ones come at irregular intervals to feed on the Calliandra in the west side or Hibiscus in the south.


I had mentioned my unwillingness to plant Capsicum florescens, for the constant need to spray under the leaves some pain in the ass white flies relative.
Well what to you know.. After planting at least a hundred  seeds, in the last season, five plants of a hot variety of this Capsicum are alive and kicking.  The Citrus evidently repel the culprits, growing in a relation of promiscuity, as
this type of cultivation was once called.
That is that, time to go...


  1. Plants have properties, hormones, for example to repel other plants, allelopathy for example, and insects. If interested, I do not have to chew it, digest it for you. Research! It is free.

  2. White flies and mealy bugs are my enemies. I shoot at them with my neem gun! Funny how they are not afraid of my chili plant too. Hope you get some nice capsicum.


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