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decided to move further, to become a point of reference. This could be the last issue regarding the botanical theme in this space.  From now on, those interested in the subject, are invited to share my traditional humble focus in/with to caribbean botanical review. blogspot. Perhaps another trend will be set, down these here backwards archipelago.

While doing the research, I discovered, even when it is so evident, that probably over thirty percent of my collection is endemic and/or native, without any conscious intention.  If you recall, my mocking ways started due to excessive importance given to that segment of vegetation by foreigners in charge of Parque Donha Ines and their feeble ignorant minded isle followers.

endemismotrasnochado.blogspot,  was borne as a result. Right now, it has reached 1,750 cities, 105 countries in five continents.  How it spread by the wind, germinating in far away lands will always be a mystery.  Perhaps, it is natural, as you can see from the list below. The collection of plants originate in five continents.  Some have been around for centuries, now considered natives.

Flora and fauna, are just like people. As 
migrants they come and go. Not necessarily for 'a better future', but the season for feeding and housing, in a never ending circle.


Pithelobium dulce  Mexico
Bouganvillea   Brasil
Euphorbia pulcherrima   Mexico
Cuphea hissopifolia  Central America
Plumeria rubra    Mexico
Allamanda cathartica   Brasil
Hibiscus rosa sinensis  Asia-India
Thunbergia erecta   Africa
Gardenia augusta  China
Murraya paniculata  Asia-Malasia
Manihot esculenta PR-USA
Citrus aurantifolia  East Indies
Malpighia punicifolia  PR-USA
Catharanthus roseus  PR-USA
Asystacia gangetica  Africa-Asia
Zephyrantes grandiflora  Mexico
Ruellia brittoniana  Mexico
Carica papaya Tropical America
Bryophyllum pinatum  Madagascar
Coccoloba uvifera   America
Antigonum leptopus Mexico
Thunbergia alata East Africa

I have had great pleasure making  this list.  It proves that nationalism, pride in state/flag/family is a bunch of crap.  The ignorant, fools or not, attach out of proportion importance to many things without any pondering. Bryophyllum pinatum, a medicinal plant, very much in use in the past,  is a wonderful example.  This plant, an icon in our folk culture, poetry, music and literature came from the other side of the world, Madagascar, also an island. Please visit: yerbabruja.blogspot.com for more information on this plant. That blog belongs to a group of millions of still borne in the web, its name, evidence of what I wrote about the plant.

Apaga i vamonoh.
Considering  the  inventory, over
100, it is going to take more than one
post.  I might include the family, for the hell of it.  Origins are debatable, please offer your reference.
  To be continued. 

If BOTANY, names and else, turns you off
a long trip on a short deck
is advisable.



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  1. antigonum, I think recognise this plant, Bryophyllum pinatum. It's a plant that the leaves will grow roots once land on the ground right?


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