Tuesday, November 9, 2010


T here is no water. Yesterday was the same. The crumbling infrastructure of this wild west rushed like over built, since 1960 concrete/asphalt isle is falling apart.

The window glass of democracy, where you can buy legislation or a tribunal at the right price. A real living nightmare of society, in which some majority of feeble minded fools flaunt the flag with their pride beaming as if what 
their obtuse minds feel at the moment, will scratch the bottle, dance and deck or baile, botella y baraja 24/7.  Isle of Nothingness.

But the show must go on.  I would like to finish the previous, presenting two ways to look at the same thing. In this case, thoughts about nature and being, not necessarily poetry.

If you can not follow, skip it. But try to look at it as if you were evaluating a garden or installation.  Are you the light kind falling for easy, common place beauty, sterile aesthetics or you think of the whole, not just hedges, lawns, bromelias, ferns, one bush, flower, tree or plant, but the whole?  Would you go back? 

Globalization, the masses, brainwashing have made many people incapable of
questioning. Look at China and India moving at light speed toward destruction following blindly the highway, car, house, (they have the children, too many all ready) USA economic model. At any rate. 

These are two translations or interpretations.  The reference for the first is on the previous post. This is the other.

The Way of Life
According to Lao Tzu
Witter Bynner
Capricorn Books


Real words are not vain,
Vain words are not real
And since those who argue prove nothing
A sensible mind does not argue.
A sensible mind is wiser than he knows,
While a fool knows more than is wise.
Therefore a sensible mind does not devise resources:
The greater his use to others
The greater their use to him,
The more he yields to others...
and so on.

Archie J. Bahm

He who is genuine is not artificial,
He who is artificial is not genuine.
He who is intelligent is not quarrelsome;
He who is quarrelsome is not intelligent. 
He who is wise is not pretentious
He who is pretentious is not wise,
and on and on..

Well so what?  I just wanted to share views about men/nature that are not necessarily available or discussed.

Most of the time the real connection between men/nature, what the relation with nature should be, is presented with primitive, aboriginal cultures as good examples most of the times.

American Indians, some in Papua Nueva Guinea, Africa and such.  However, it seems that this forgotten, necessary awareness is only understood by some scientists, ecologists, environmentalists, horticulturalists and gardeners making noise about it like sparkles in the news, but nobody really cares.  If they do, they show it only at the computer monitor requesting signatures for this or that.

Time to go. Apaga i vamonoh.



  1. Hello antigonum! Just wanted to say that those black metal grills you have are lovely. Enjoyed the flowers you have posted at the side. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks antigonum! Got your message left in my blog. Now I know how beautiful is Andalusian gardens/patios :-D


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