Friday, November 19, 2010


I had a nightmare, actually I lived it. It keeps coming. Back and forth.  I am going to tell it once again.

He was a skinny fellow, played with dinosaurs in his childhood. His parents were biologists in a country in that third 
going on tenth world, judging from their rabbit like propagation in this finite earth.  At any rate, the fellow was dedicated and obtained titles from Deutshland, Belgium and USA. Fought as a lieutenant in Angola against those forces of Apartheid. Could take an automobile motor apart and put it back together.  Botany was his thing. 

Editors Note

In our world, botany, is two things. the context determines which. One is our subject, you know pistil and meosis. 
Botany is also botanica as in spirits, santeria, cigars, fortune telling, shells, spells, good and evil eye and lucky charms. 

Our hero, spent long hours in forests, jungles, his mission in life, studying cacti. What for? Take a wild guess, it is a matter of academicians, useless, indifferent people, in search of a NAME, recognition no matter how meaningless their studies,  except in UNIVERSITY circles.  These studies mean crap. To understand them, you have to take a course, maybe for a year, like one of those poetry or literature of the Golden Century in Spain, for example.

Our hero was EXPELLED from his country, in one of his research trips, he was not allowed to return. But, like for high performance athletes of certain sports from his country,  everything was swell, like a million. He landed in my concrete/asphalt, where other creatures of his kind, our own and his, subterranean, of entomological quality, landed him a job. 

But it was a WALT DISNEY like project not a just a  job. HE, with an ego like an elephant, better, a sperm whale, with a calcium cover, had a PARK, an arboretum like NO PUERCORICAN  ever saw or even dreamed.

But I WAS there. And witnessed the chaos, rip off, fraud, Goebbels like treatment of our patrimony. Flora and Fauna.

The Cuban in question, with total ignorance of notion/principles, credentials or experience in  forest restoration, is responsible for the destruction of 12 acres, leaving the soil bare, painting the asphalt pavement with brown/yellow acuarelas, at every down pour, during the four months rainy season.

With his squeaky voiced, flat, short, unattractive, dumb,  uneducated aboriginal wife, planted two hundred pounds of Kentucky Rye and Bermuda grass seeds!  Planted as in throwing over the caliche soil, already screwed up, since the fertile top soil had washed down.

How low are these two?  They stole the rooting hormones, my own,  from my working area. The day I discovered their deed their ignorance was evident once again. Albertico was immersing the cut stems in water, later in the powder like hormones. On top, no hole was made to plant the stems, to keep the hormones attached.  Jerk with a tittle.

Every single living creature, in soil, on top of it,  grasses, bushes, trees, fauna destroyed, without any INVENTORY of  FLORA AND FAUNA OR SOIL ANALYSIS.

Yet Alberto Areces Mallea, Phd and Gabriela Ocampo gave interviews in the mentally retarded news media in PR, as the great saviors or our endemic species.

The bullshit about the importance(out of context) of any endemic, was the seed of your favorite blog: endemismotrasnochado. It germinated in 105 countries, but this is about him, not yours truly.

Any movement toward saving any endemical species in air, water or soil, has to jugde and weight the environment as a whole. One does not pick off rooted trees from a desert like environment with 35 five inches of annual rain, (south of PR) growing in mostly rocky/sandy fertile sandy soil due to lack of erosion, planting them later in concrete like caliche clay soil already washed out, due to the extermination of the flora growing on top.

In brief NO attemtp to save ANY species in danger of extinction is meaningful unless the WHOLE environment is put in the picture. 

"Saving" the Puertorican parrot is a good example.  For the last twenty years, MILLIONS of USA funds have been wasted to save these birds requiring rain or wet forests to survive.  At the same time the environment surrounding them parrots becomes highways and building projects, encroaching, increasing the evaporation and heat.  

Alberto Areces Mallea and Gabriela Ocampo should be flogged or in jail. 
007 Recursos Naturales the agency giving permits and endorsing this atrocity. The municipal authorities in Trujillo Alto for giving the land and looking the other way. The Board of Directors of the Luis Munhoz Marin Foundation then and now,
Luis Acevedo Vila, Melo Munhoz all are guilty and should pay when ever the times allows it for their destruction, complicity in these crimes and profiting.

Yep, I got pictures for those interested in research or fact checking. What about
the tittle?

As in previous posts, it is for effect.  But let film buffs know there is a film with the tittle: Attack of The Killer Tomatoes.
Which bring me to the end. With this thought.

Hybridization as it was known, will not be as important with transgenics,
at least for profit. Think of those pastures of soy in Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, washed down with tons of Glyphosates, killing all vegetation near by, except them soy plants.
Apagad e iros...

I dedicate this post to
those islander bloggers,
in particular to 

"To die blogging is to live forever"

as one of them
coined this wonderful



  1. No cabe duda, cometemos muchos errores por ignorancia, cuando es en contra de nosotros mismos, nos sacudimos y volvemos a empezar o podemos hasta morir. Pero cuando esta de por medio nuestro hábitat, ese que dejaremos para el futuro, eso son palabras mayores.

  2. Enhorabuena, tienes un fantástico blog...

  3. Hello antigonum! Glad to hear about your thoughts on Euphorbia in my blog. For me I am glad that there are hybrids that are smaller in size nowadays. If not, my garden would not be able to accomodate so many plants.

    Picture III LMMF Clone at the right side. The red flower is really beautiful. May I know the botanical name?


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