Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Have you ever thought about that  mythical garden, the first one ever, installed by our creator?

I have. Here is the botanical inventory for your reading pleasure and reference.

Ficus carica
Malus sieversii
Cydonia oblonga
Morus nigra
Punica granatum*
Hyphaene thebaica
Pistacia vera
 Phoenix dactylifera
Vitis vinifera
Prunus dulcis
Olea europaea
As you may notice, there were  only eleven species.  A wise installation if you ask me.  Not a high maintenance garden and utilitarian.  Considering the variety, not many problems or diseases were present either. 

Of all the possible stories one could remember from my god fearing  days, not yet the anarchist, misanthropist I would become, ( in constant progress) this is one of my favorites.

The other is his reaction when strolling by his dad's temple and noticing it had been transformed into   a market.  

This was definetely a pioneering moment in history. More recently churches have been turned into discos,
apartments and concert halls.

That is that. If you want to go deeper:, is your research tool.
*  Grows in the concrete/asphalt isle.

Apaga i vamonoh.

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