Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I used to enjoy visiting It is a place where people rant, vent, not necessarily with the passion, bluntness, abrasiveness of your humble servant, but some parallelism was found once in a while.

However, I have noticed an inclination for product rants as a la Consumer Report, too many posts about bulbs, nurseries and topics that I consider bullshit, manure if you are into organic gardening, since I propagate and collect.

I am not a trend follower, but a setter. It does not matter if people comment or not, visit or not.  A blog is not a feisbuk like tool. At least that is my stance.

Discrimination is one of my favorite concepts, with bad press, not as much as the word nigger, but I consider that a puritanic problem that white and coloreds in USA, have been unable to get rid off.

That is why Huckleberry Finn and other literature works have been censored by those god fearing fundamentalists in schools and you hear a beep when the word fuck is mentioned in movies and television.

But is all right if our hero or villain, rapes, kills, maims and blows up half the town for any reason, including freedom or the opposite. 

I think that we do not have to agree in everything or anything or the third side of a coin.  Gardening as Nature has no beginning or end, but people could improve the URBAN CONTEXT, if there was a will and not the indifference, total alienation I perceive in this concrete/asphalt sterile ocean, where  I have to live.

Could some one explain the logic of prohibiting smoking a cigar/cigarette in a park, stadium?  

However, the feeble minded will not do the same with gardeners at home or for hire, polluting: water, air, soil with all sort of chemicals to have a lush lawn, gas, oil, propane and diesel.

What about the diseases spread with blowers a high speed all over the place, the fumes and noise of trimmers and lawnmowers? How can people tolerate this shit without complaining?  

Just as if that is the way of life,  the way it always was, should and will be. Screw you.

At any rate.  Discriminating involves observing with care, comparing views, ways of doing.

Palms, lawns, hedges, create a lot of organic waste.  High maintenance gardens are not good for flora and fauna, it is exactly the opposite. Zen gardens, bonsais, formal gardens, require great waste of energy for what? To watch a stiff concrete like bush?

It is not a matter of imposing my views.
Even when I accept my humble tendency to dogmatism, it is evident is not a matter of the moment.  I think there is a lot of room to practice the kind of gardening you prefer, but no pollution of any kind should be tolerated. Lets Ban Lawns!

Remember, only you can prevent forest fires.

Apaga i vamonoh.



  1. lol.. just a change in perspective that I find amusing.. you dislike organic waste.. and I can't get enough of it! (I know what you mean though, in your context it is the unkempt and ill managed plantings.)

    However, your soil is alive and healthy, where I am at plant trimmings to compost is needed in such volume to give CPR (constant plant revival). Fighting the damage done by an urban wasteland.

  2. I use my organic waste to create compost, with earthworms and all.

    However ALL organic waste here goes straight to the city DUMP at thirty percent of the total waste, mostly from private residences.


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