Wednesday, November 24, 2010


IT would be such a trip to test the readers dropping by, to find out if they know where in hell is Puerto Rico, in a world map.  The USA citizens, coloreds, whites and blacks, no matter their college degrees, are not only ignorant about this irrelevant issue, but about foreign languages, cultures as well.

I am under the suspicion that many readers, gardeners or not, here and there, buy their potting soil at the nearest store of their preference.  This is also true when in need for remedies, organic or not for turf, plant or soil pests.

In five years I bought potting soil once.  I have been recycling the one I use in twenty pots, mostly made of fiberglass, no plastic is allowed.  The idea is simple.

After daily or every other day  sweeping of  concrete grounds, all organic matter is deposited in a 3 feet tall pot.  One third, is soil, dry and green leaves, coffee grounds, dog hair and shredded paper.  Earth worms collaborate in decomposing. The whole is turned, 
ventilated once a week.

Today was philanthropy day out in RIO.
I took the train, two plastic bags in hand.
One soil/compost to that ghost town, missing only the tumble weed, overcrowded, with foreigners, illegals or not from La Espanhola.

Some plants, not to be mentioned, were transplanted.  One of the pragmatic results of this activity is watching how them plants develop, with decaying soil, 
compacting, minerals on top by capillary action, root spread and depth.

I am sick of so many people writing, talking about being self sufficient, sustainability, organic this or that, but in reality all is bullshit.  All requires a level of constant commitment. Not only when you watch the news.

In consequence all the words, become a bluff, or water and salt.

That was yesterday. Today it was glysophate day. I sprayed all cracks at home, Pillsbury boy front yard, sidewalk/gutter cracks in their house,
ours, the abandoned house next door, Farrukito the pimp, Tito the graphic artist and Mr. Santiago the freedom fighter of yesteryear.

That is that. Go. Take some pretty pictures of your garden. Show them in your blog...Feel cool...

Apaga i vamonoh...


  1. Probably the same response as how many of your neighbors can find American Samoa, Guam or even Attu Island.

  2. Anne me darling, thank you for showing/proving my argument.

    Me neighbors, some with college, none with two jobs, know USA history, it is a school requirement for graduation. Your lame examples, are all USA territories, I add war booty, including PR.

    I would had picked Christmas, Reunion or Niue Isles, I got fans in 2 of the 3.

    What would you say/write now? I just scratched the surface....


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