Thursday, November 11, 2010


S ome fan mail left me with a pondering mood.  She from a far away oriental archipelago, a former colony of Spain. The father land of the most important boxer now, and most notorious shoe collector before Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, with 2,000 pairs, now a member of their government, if I am not mistaken.

First, she notices my anger, as if discovering the Mediterranean one more time.  Sure pompous, darling, it is part of my signature blogs, character.

If I had some pride, I would add misanthropist, as the virtue I care about. Anger is meaningless, look at it as register.

Which brings me to a cross road, when you reader or writer of blogs express your perception or reality, do you have a reader in mind, or you care not if they have an elementary school level or a Phd?  I do not.

However, one should demonstrate caution when telling a living legend their feelings, reactions, perceptions to the other.  Ability to comprehend where the other is coming from, Language, ideal reader, semantics, intention, tone, register, are different things, Horticulture another.

I have noticed when I read other blogs, at least in the top five, some masterful language usage.  You will not find that here, anger, opinion, impatience dominate over style, proper usage or rules. Screw them and you, if you think form goes over substance.

Photography is another remarkable aspect of the top five. By the way,  of  this group, 3 are located between New Zealand and India. Do you know who you are? This blog is not in that exclusive group either.

But I am all ALONE in the Caribbean. I have checked one blog from some egotist former fashionista, a stiff blue blood black woman from Barbados. Both of them suck, for one simple reason.

If you have a blog, about the self, an excuse to write,  not a garden, vegetation, nature, installation, collection, you are full of manure.

I think the blog is just a tool to learn, kick butt, rant, ventilate, debate, telling it like it is. From MY context, perception, environment. It could be useful, pragmatic or not for yours. This blog is not it.

Sophistication is all that should be expected, placing the focus where it belongs. Writing style is a little part of the whole. What matters is, the garden itself, interaction between flora/fauna, the botanical names, the observations shared or not about diseases, microclimantes, maintenance problems from particular plants/trees/bushes.

All the rest is miscelaneous material that once discarded, show what YOU, know,
preach, practice.  In essence what your garden is.

One can be the greatest son of a beach on the isle, with the best garden in terms of keeeping records, or the opposite.

Or the fool on the hill or plateau with lawns,(careful not to show too much of it in photos, to avoid ostracism, cigarette smoker like or the ire from the gods), palms, bromeliads, Ficus or hedges, making noise and polluting water, air, soil. A typical law abiding, mortgaged, married with fat, ugly, dumb children and fearful of god citizen. What would you rather be, is entirely up to you. 

Down here, in the necks of the concrete/asphalt, ecologically correct gardening, rules. Anger and misanthropy, assimetry and vines.  Thanks for allowing yours truly to reach your monitor.

Congratulations to those scratching below the surface. For all the  reigns in heaven await...

Time to go. Apaga i vamonoh, Imelda Marcos.

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  1. Aquí estoy tratando de entenderlo, y agradeciendo sus comentarios.

    Un gran abrazo, hasta pronto.


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