Monday, November 29, 2010


FOR  a misanthropist, to watch the group spirit and individual creativity demonstrated during this match, demands a few words for the inspiration.

This game is among memorable historical memories.  The first,  murder of John F. Kennedy, the suicide of Salvador Allende, Vietnam's Victory, the demolition of the Berlin wall, fall of the former Soviet Union, the demise of USA as a gone world power  in  banking, industrial, financial and construction segments of the economy.

These are some historical events among others, that I will never forget.

But let the record show that besides winers, the defeated should have shown some, character for the effort.  Not the poor looser attitude from many in the Real Madrid.

Here, in the Caribbean I feel some satisfaction, with the victory of this faraway team.
Barsa and Guardiola, demonstrated  great team spirit with individual creativity. 

In this backwaters all that is a dream. Water and salt. But elsewhere it is still possible, evident.

Viva el Barsa!

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