Monday, November 29, 2010


I write these social critique while waiting for that world match event: Barcelona/Real Madrid, in five hours.

Squeaky and Pillsbury boy 

Next door neighbors from hell. A couple with fat pasty pale attributes. Mentally  IQ of .00005, added. 

She speaks, laughs with the high pitch of the witch, along Dorothy and Toto in Wizard of OZ.

I know when they are home thanks to their swearing, five word sentences, hollering, slamming of kitchen door cabinets, rattle of spoons against metal, glass and such..  When stoned, they become bilingual speaking that riff raff English of the illiterate migrant here or there.
A square body, turtle like neck/body. Them breasts attached by the collar bone, similar to cujete fruits,  a manatee with a push up bra.

He wear glasses like Jari. Demoted  from Michelin icon to  Pillsbury boy after he lost thirty pounds jogging. 

However, his habit of pork shops fried in rancid lard between 8/9 PM, will probably move him upwards the ranks.

He has a red junked car in his driveway, bought another white five hundred bucks one later.

He thinks of himself as a musician.
With some really shitty trap drums,
(I know, I am a light percussionist),
no high hat, no tom-toms, just a snare and bass.  When he practices
is as torture, fun, as those folk Apache/Sioux war/rain dances. 

What have I done to deserve all this hindrances of noise, ugly people and surroundings? Is it my croix?
Payment for me sins while alive?

Justicia! Well I almost forgot.  The kitty cat arrived to their unkempt sweet home, when still little and cute. Yellowish with stripes. After approximately 50 five days, Justicia status made an abrupt turn. He became a stray cat with a collar and  bell.

Right after that, they got a dog with a similar stupid name: Chito. The poor undisclosed breed used to salute me as only dogs can with the tail back an forth, happy as hell, every time I went by the north garden, during his first 3 weeks with them feeble minded owners..

Since the sons of beaches do not touch, caress the can creature, he is so depressed now that barely moves. Sleeping most of the day.

Does not bother to say hi to this intercontinental blogger/gardener as he used. He sleeps under the stars in the cold concrete, with a plastic roof that does not stop the windy rain from his sad body.

Justicia and Chito, two suffering animals thanks to the stupidity of the mentally feeble. Ah! Puerto Rico donde su triste muere i se morira de nada..

Apago i me voy.. Esto esta bajo la primera oracion: Flora y Fauna.  En este caso fauna endemica borricua bipeda.


Remember to drop by
Caribbean Botanical Review.
Your average botanical notions
may widen a little.

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