Thursday, November 4, 2010


In Puerto Rico, USA, many groups, mostly of the college, adolescent segments and older bored people, start movements out of the blue,  to recycle/clean this or recycle/clean that, with drum rolls preferably, news media present.... and fading quickly into the good intention nothingness  without any fundamentals.

Lest see in detail this monster of multiple heads.  Paper, metals, plastic in one hand.  Recycling is expensive and it  requires lots of energy to process.

It is not a philanthropic activity at all.  Besides being costly, no juan will recycle anything unless some profit will return towards the investment.

The state, cities in general are in charge of providing  resources to make recycling. Dumpsters to place each material where it corresponds, picking up efficiently, packing, selling.

However, people are the most important
part of the scheme.  Not far from where I live there are three dumpsters, for cardboard, newspapers and else, well what do you know, people can not follow the instructions, throwing whatever suit their needs.  In cities most people do not care for recycling, nature or the environment. Civility, sensibility is dead. RIP.

Metals are doing well thanks to junkies, even though there is less action among these faithful group,  since the price of copper went down. However aluminum, 
steel moves. I know because I watch them mostly illegal invaders in the trade with their battered pick up trucks driving fast down the hill.

Since I am into the mood lets take other honorary branches of the save the environment fad.

Beach, pond, lake, rivers, surface and submarine cleaners. When they call the newspapers or television stations, I do not see from the action or pictures any separation of garbage to recycle.   It is all enthusiasm, as if they were on speed or acid.

Do they care to test the waters for ECHOLI? No, thanks just garbage.

What is left? Those privileged monitor environmentalists saving water and turning off the faucet or electricity.

Well, do not go for a walk on these uneven, cracked, dirty, sidewalks and streets of the Enchanted Concrete/Asphalt Isle. You will find hundreds of of water leaks all over the island. Fecal and fresh water, mind you.  Your five gallons saved with the shower/toilet,  a drop in the Caribbean or Atlantic, take your pick.

In USA for example, New York's garbage is shipped by train to a couple of states in  the south.
It is cheaper to transport it down there than to do any recycling. In Europe, some countries are really efficient, breaking even or with profits.

It is not a nice picture.  But it is what it is, just words, good meaningless, futile intentions/actions down here.

A great example to close, is the Dunes Saviors from Isabela.  They started with their own pictures of themselves 'saving' dunes, digging holes planting wood pallets, without a botanic inventory to plant vines, bushes, trees to protect the the long run. It was just salt and water.  Fading into the nothingness of the sterile, useless impulse, without commitment and research. 

Post farewell bonus...IN GUANICA CITY, there is a landscaping company with the motto:" We Care for the Environment".  However, they sell lawns by the rolls,  and irrigation systems in this region with thirty five inches of rain year, a desert.  But to wash their conscience, cleaning beaches is part of their public relations campaign. Screw them.

That is that. Dario apaga la luh.

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