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L ets begin in a rather different way, inviting our guests to check the mother of all our aboriginal blogs in the isle, or endemic if you prefer.  Its motto is probably unique in the world and other life, black holes and galaxies: "To die blogging, is to live forever", found at, that is that on the subject, please check also the list of his favorite puertorican blogs, and be the judge. 
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I confess that once upon a time my mother, forced me into going to church before I had a will and after wards. As a good old catholic guy, on my six decade, still feel some attachment to their dogmas and rituals. Spain, Ireland, latin, Gregorian chants, incense, wine, monasteries and  architecture.  I will have to include the Greek orthodox fellows who kept their side of the Roman Empire in Constantinople or Byzantium if of your liking.

But I am not a tax evader, Timothy McVeigh kind of outsider and his groupies, very unlike the fellow blogger who calls this blog hypocritical in the comments department in my previous post. 

All my ideas, original or not, have been weighed. The intense, abrasive anger, intolerance at stupidity, lack of will, commitment, vision, character, are not random, but specific, in the rampant, indifferent, apathetic way of life. It is very hard to disguise.  I promise to do my best to keep some of my acerbic flow,  no one else does or will.

The Catholic church, ALL churches in the West with their theological views show deep cracks in their morals. The acts and preaching contradict the other. 

Give me, give me, Saint Thomas never, as the Spanish saying goes. What did my fellows in the faith, their hierarchy do, for those wretched of the earth, as Franz Fannon, defined them during the Algerian war?
Any loans for the poor without interest? Any auctions of the luxuries, gold, paintings, land holdings to share with those in this valley of tears? Nada, Rien, Nothing.


A couple of days ago I took again the Tao Teh King by Lao Tzu, in my hands  to bring back some memories of old mystical days in Amherst, MA, when I thought something was wrong with me, always dissenting, contrarian, against the current here and there.
I am not getting into his view of Nature with capitals, do it on your spare time. But I will quote something from this book, related to my somewhat autobiographical discharge to prove the point. Religions, those with ONE god SUCK, everything is nomenclature.
Tao-the most basic concept in Chinese philosophy-has variously translated into English, but no translation is quite adequate.  Since Tao is a concept of ultimate reality,"prior to all beginnings and endings, which, unmoved and unmanifest, itself neither begins or ends, all-pervasive and inexhaustible, perpetual source of something else"
each translator looks for that in his own culture which best expresses his idea of ultimate reality.  Western theists (e.g.Hebrew, Christian, Moslem),call this Jahweh, God or Allah, while Hindus call it Brahman. Followers of Plato try to identify it the "Idea of the Good", of the Stoics with "Logos",of Spinoza with "Nature"; Hegelians and other absolute idealists with "The Absolute",  Bergsonians with "Elan Viral", Emersonians with "The Oversoul", Freudians with "Cosmic Libido" and materialists, if they bother to be interested with "Matter", "Energy" or "Mattergy".
Tao has been translated as "Principle", or "Creative Principle", as "Truth",
not abstract truth but as"Concrete truth and as "divine intelligence" of the universe.
Tao Teh King
Lao Tzu
interpreted as 
Archie J. Bahm
Frederick Ungar Publishing

I have stated before my belief that gardening, the one I practice, goes beyond the little hole in the dirt.  The way I see it, I am still moving beyond the surface. 
Exercise for the faithful. Go to search under Botanical Societies in America, see what you find.  The horticulture presented in most blogs lacks some fundamentals of the traditional, historical, theoretical, botanical models.
Some are a mix of photo shows, with little substance in the planting/propagating side, others are just ego trips, other are a mix of literature and the personal.
There is nothing wrong with it. I just want to move forward, further, not faster.
Apaga i vamonoh..  

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